The Process

Our Process: 5 Simple Steps

Independent, Comparative, Competitive

Whether you are interested in Life, Long-Term Care or Disability Coverage our Process always starts with an independent needs analysis, field risk assessment and comparative research to shop out the best coverage for you from highly rated carriers.

Needs Analysis

How much coverage and what type do I need? Everyone has a unique situation and goals! You may have a product and amount in mind but we are always available to give expert guidance and address the unknown.

Risk Assessment

Once you have determined with our expert guidance how much coverage you need and the type, we assess your risk factors before applying. This is important because some risk factors are treated differently by different insurance carriers.

Compare all Options Independently

Once risk factors are determined, we research and compare all available carriers with an independent, unbiased approach to find you the most competitive offer from a top-rated company.

Once these 3 steps are complete, we present our findings and when you are comfortable and ready, we finalize the formal application process and go through underwriting to get the policy approved.

Formal Underwriting Process

The formal application and underwriting process can vary from company to company and from product to product. It will typically involve:

Paper or online/electronic application
• This typically involves some medical, family history and hazardous activity questions.
• Can be completed by telephone and email in most cases.
Medical exam or face-to-face interview
• Depending on coverage levels and type of coverage there may be a medical exam performed by an independent health professional at your home office or location of your choosing.
• In some cases a telephone or face-to-face interview and medical questions will be conducted.
• All of this is done at no cost to you.
Medical history report
• The companies may require access to medical records from doctors you have seen in the past.
• Prescription drug inquiries.
• All this is at no cost to you.

Approval and Delivery of Policy

• In some cases this can be done remotely but is often done in person.
• Premium is paid and policy is put in place.
• All policies allow a 30 Day Free Look where the insured has the right to return the policy if they are not satisfied.
• Completion, you are now covered!

It is important to review your policy on a regular basis which we recommend every three years and if there are any life changes such as birth of a child or change in marital status.